Some Common Tips to Keep Your Rabbits Healthy



If you have recently acquired a rabbit as a pet then you need to look for answers to some of the most common questions. You will find many types of rabbit food available in the market. However, if you don’t have much information on this subject then you may face a tough time in choosing. Following are some tips that will help in keeping the rabbit healthy.

Hay is very beneficial for rabbit’s health. It should be available to your pet until he or she attains the age of 6 or 8 months. Alfalfa or hay has got high concentration of carbohydrates and calcium and thus it should be included in their diet. Loose and long strands of hay contain fiber and promote good digestion.

You need to ensure that your rabbit get fresh food every day. Try to give him at least 2-3 different fresh greens like fresh grass from garden, spinach, dandelion leaves, broccoli etc. You should start to give them from two months onwards and add new green every week.

Fruits and treats are something which rabbits love the most. You should limit you rabbit maximum of one tablespoon a day. Too much of fruit will promote teeth decay and will make him sick. Treat consists of bananas, apples, blueberry and strawberry etc. You should also avoid giving your pets’ raisins, safety and sugary snacks, dried corn and dry fruits etc.

The rabbits who have become one month or older should be given free access to hay pellets. The amount should however be limited to 1/8th of cup daily. Also you need to switch him slowly to timothy hay.

Resist the temptation to give him more. Vitamins and water should be available for your rabbit all around the year. You should serve it in a bowl rather than promoting natural drinking position.

Night droppings are very common in case of rabbits. You will many a times notice your pet licking his anal area and eating his droppings. However, you need not worry as they are made of vital nutrients. These nutrients play a positive role in diet of the rabbit.

Rabbits like other animals crave for love, if you are able to provide them with adequate love and care, they will make you feel like a family.

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