The Best Rabbit Food for Health and Nutrition


Rabbit Food

When you purchase a pet rabbit, you will most definitely want to find the best rabbit food for his overall health. Many people are under the impression that pellets were made specifically for pet rabbits, but actually pellets were made for maximum growth in commercial rabbits.

When we purchase a rabbit for a pet, we consider them as part of our family, and we want to be sure they get the best diet and nutrition possible. That is why you should take the time studying about your pet’s individual needs and feed him accordingly.

Rabbits have a very delicate and unique digestive tract, and this should be in the forefront of your mind when choosing their food. If you have your pet spayed or neutered and take good care of his teeth and his diet, he could be part of the family for maybe 12 years or more.

Rabbit’s unique digestion
Rabbit’s digestion first begins in his mouth. He chops up the food with his strong teeth and then it begins to combine with the rabbit’s saliva. The mashed up food from rabbit’s mouth then breaks down into a protein due to the amount of it in the animal’s saliva.

This mixture then enters into the stomach were it is mixed with stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Then it travels its way down to the small and large intestine. The large intestine then sorts the food by size.

The larger particles drive the smaller fragments of digestible food back in to the cecum. This is a large blind-ended sack that is located near the small intestine. This is when the indigestible products are expelled as poop, and the undigested fragments make it to the anus area and begin a fermentation process, and the other fragments make it down to a process called night feces. Rabbits do eat this type of feces directly from their anus.

The rabbit’s cecum has a whole host of good and nutritious things in it to help aid in your pet’s overall good health. If anything comes along to upset this unique balance, your rabbit’s health may become compromised if it does.

Fiber is Very Essential
Without a fairly substantial amount of fiber or if your rabbit eats way too many carbohydrates his GI tract will not be able to function properly. This in turn can cause GI stasis which can lead to your pet’s death.

The Most Important source
The most important ingredient in your rabbit’s good health is hay. Not only does it provide excellent fiber, it is also fun for your bunny to rummage around in. It is also a superb chewing material which keeps your rabbit’s teeth sparkling white and clean. You should also add in a few extra grasses to tempt bunny’s taste buds such as alfalfa, timothy grass and oats. If you do these things for your rabbit, you will be offering him a delicious array of palatable delights, and ensuring that he has many healthy years of life to come.

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