What Rabbit’s Food Should Consist Of


Rabbit Food

Rabbits need to be fed properly just as any other animal. A nutritious diet is essential to their health and well-being. Here is a look at what the average rabbits food should consist of:

Fresh water is the most important substance that you should make available for your pet. All of us require water for life. And the rabbit is no different. You should keep water in your pets pen and check it at least daily to make sure that it is full, refreshing it even it contains water. In warm weather, your rabbit will need to drink more, so make sure to check it more often.

Pellets are the main diet for rabbits. The recommended amount of pellets for a rabbit is one ounce per pound of rabbit per day. So if your rabbit weighs three pounds, then you should feed it three ounces of pellets each day. This will ensure that your rabbit is getting enough to eat without gaining weight and becoming too fat. It is not any more healthy for a rabbit to be fat than it is a human.

Rabbit pellets will be available in different qualities, and though you may have to pay a bit more for it, you should make sure that the pellets you feed your rabbit consist of at least sixteen percent fiber and sixteen to eighteen percent protein. This food will not last as long as cat or dog food. Store it in a cool dry place and buy no more than your pet will eat for three weeks, as it will quickly spoil after this amount of time. Feeding your rabbit moldy pellets could give it serious health problems and illnesses.

Your little pet can also have hay to eat, as well as a minimal amount of veggies and other treats. Hay is good for rabbits to consume and can clear out their intestines. Timothy hay or alfalfa are the best types. Straw is find to use sometimes, but keep in mind that this type of hay has little of nutritional value, so should not be used consistently.

If you love your pet, you will likely wish to give it a treat at some time or other, And this is good for the happiness of your pet, as well as its enjoyment. Good treats would include items such as fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and potato peels, but always take care to remove seeds and pits as these can prove harmful to a rabbit.

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